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Why use a special thermal fluid for water-cooled computers?


Why use a special thermal fluid for water-cooled computers?
Some people have a lot of questions, why use a special thermal fluid?
Isn't it good to use distilled water? In fact, the use of thermal fluid is because the heat exchanger, circulating pump, cold head, and liquid guiding tube in the whole liquid cooling system are made of copper, aluminum, welding materials, PVC hoses, rubber sealing rings, etc., if such a variety of materials Mixing together, if ordinary distilled water or deionized water is used, it will become a weakly acidic liquid after a certain period of time. If it is used for a long time, it will cause rust in the metal parts in the water cooling, and it will gradually penetrate the metal plate. Leakage is very dangerous, so everyone should use other liquid media besides the thermal fluid.

Dongyuan Syscooling SC-L500 special thermal fluid is also very sophisticated in the manufacturing process, strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO quality system, 26 production processes are meticulous, and unique quality enhancement technology such as filtration, penetration, titration, etc. The products excel in antifreeze, anti-boiling, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling properties.

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